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2019 HD10 Cab electric window switch failure.


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Recently purchased my gently used 2109 Defender. Knew that I would have sort through several electrical issues prior to purchase but was confident they would resolved. Windshield washer/wiper inop. Replaced switch fixed issue. Front differential locker switch intermittent replaced switch, now functions ok. Electric windows though have me stumped. If some one has experienced this issue and found a resolution I like to hear from you.

When purchased, Drivers side door switch intermittent. Passenger side window operable from passenger side switch but not from the drivers side. Purchased after market switches and replaced all three door switches.

Drivers door window now works ok. 
Drivers side switch for passenger side window works ok.

However passenger side window will not operate from the passenger side switch. 
Note: I found a member posted his issues regarding electric windows on his 2020 HD10 in which he was very through and even provided a wiring schematic. I found this very helpful, thank you! 
I’m assuming that the CanAm window electrical schemes are the same from 2019 to 2020.

Steps I have taken to date. 1. Verified electrical continuity of wiring harness from door to door. 2. Verified switches are all same part number / contact arrangement agrees with schematic diagram. All switch electrical contact measured from 0.2 to 0.3 ohms. Measured voltage at switches with engine running = 14.4vdc.

If anyone has ideas or experienced this issue and corrected it I would appreciate your feedback. 
Thanks, Reply to



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I disassembled and cleaned the contacts on the factory switches. I then used a small amount of dielectric grease on the contacts before reassembly. Seems to have cured the problem. 

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