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Factory Winch on a 2022 (22.5, or 23?)

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Someone I spoke to on the phone told me whose winch Can Am uses on a Lone Star Edition. My question is the polarity on the power cable to the winch. I mounted the winch on a new bumper (Thanks Thumper Fab) and I did not notice the winch cable spools from the top, and not the bottom as my my fairlead mount requires. I have tested the function and simply reversing the power leads reverses the winch spool out and in. Therefore rather than taking the bumper completely back off and reworking the light wiring and mounting of the winch 180 degrees, I can reverse polarity.

I cant see any reason why this would not work but wanted some input form anyone with experience. I would not expect any loss of power in the spool in (which was spool out) using this connection but might want to check with the manufacture of the winch.

Also, I ordered my Defender as a 2022 and waited a little over 13 weeks to receive it. In working on this thing adding lights and winch I have found that there are items/designs/equipment that may be 22.5 or 23 model year. Mainly the way the radiator intake air is ducted from the grill. Installation of the front bumper shows removing a "U" shaped piece of plastic to install the upper bolts on the bumper. My plastic duct was bolted top and bottom to the radiator like a reversed fan shroud and I had to fab a new bracket to install the bumper.


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i dont think it will be an issue with reversing the connections.  the winch doesnt know which way it is going, only that the solenoid triggers one way or the other.

cant help on the bolts and mount, havent been down that road.


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