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HD7 real world experience


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New to the forum and considering a Defender HD7 three seater.  I realize the engine has only been out for just under a year.  I can't find any info on the engine other than what BRP has put out.  Does anyone have any real world experience with the engine (not looking for opinions on the engine if you don't use it).

What do you like about it?  Does it have enough power to pull the payload it's rated for?  What kind of mpg do you get?  Top end speed on the three seater?  Any problems with it?  


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Well I’m late to the party, but we bought a Defender HD7 Max in August. I love it. We live on a lake with a very steep paved/curved UTV path to get down to our docks. It’s probably 3 stories high and and feels like a roller coaster ride. It requires a UTV with 4WD to climb. I’m 6’5 275 and I can load six adults (including myself) and climb it without any issues or lack of power. By myself I got it topped at 63mph. And while it’s usually only used at 10-35mph, it’s nice knowing what it will do. It seems like most maintenance is fairly easy to access on this drivetrain. While ours will be mostly used around our lake, for the docks, work around the home on occasion, or cruising around the area, it’s seems like you could really do a lot of more serious things with it. So far I’m very happy. 

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