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30” Crawler XG’s


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2019 HD8 XT Cab, 14” STI HD Beadlock, 5+2 offset. 30x10 Pro Armor Crawler XG, actually 29” tall with 10ish psi pressure. No rubbing ever, no spacers, shock preload set on middle notch, no lift kit.

 I chose these because the stock tires are noisy as heck on firm surfaces, really annoying when you can’t hardly have a conversation. I mainly ride on gravel roads and hard pack trails, so I can get by with less lug/tread spacing. I actually wanted to go with an even tighter spacing, like a BFG KM3 or something similar. But I quizzed a lot of riders out on the trails who had tight lug spacing and their biggest complaint was the tight lug spacing throws a lot of rocks. I also didn’t want to give up to much traction either, so the best compromise in my eyes was these XG’s. 
So far I’m quite happy, been running them for 300 miles/5 months. They are way quieter than stock, bought off Amazon from KJ Motorsports, great experience, came mounted and they don’t leak, not many people can say that about their beadlocks.



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