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2022 Defender Max Limited CAB HD10 WIRING ???

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Hello all, 

New guy here... Need some help (can't seem to find on web or dealer of purchase).

Looking to wire a LED light bar on the front bumper, during delivery dealer mentioned the terminals under the front "hood" and showed me 4 or so wires that extend form that area through the firewall to the back of the panel contining ignition switch/key.

Can you please point me to a diagram or source of purchasing a diagram that will be accurate for my machine?

I'm looking at options to wire (hot with ignition key on only) but if that seems too difficult I may just tie into the + and - under the front hood comparment and hope I don't accidentally leave the light on and drain the battery one day.

I already have the LED bar, switch and harness just need to know where to wire into the machine and being so new can't find much info. I'd trailer back to dealer but with gas and distance that makes this a 2 month $500 install and it has to be easier than that! 


Thanks for anythign you can offer, 





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there is a bus bar right behind the switch panel in the front and the wires in the front 4 or 5 just sitting are all "extra" for wiring in accessories if you want to use them.  there are some good videos out there on how to do it and how to get the switches off.  the panel pops out on the top and slides off the bottom by going down off the plastic.

since you have a harness already, you can run it down through the passenger side and into the machine after you get the panel off by the passengers feet.  







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you probably wont find an actual wiring diagram unless you buy a service manual, thats an option but wont help you quickly.  

it will take you longer to tuck the wires in than it will to get the panels off to run the wires.  it is quite easy.


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6 hours ago, Johnathan Allen said:

Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Ditto, I've meant to post a "done" picture together with a thank you. Maybe today I can tackle this project, haha.

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