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2019 Defender Max HD10 Lone Star.  bought in August 2018 brand new.  has 2250 miles on it now, with NO Issues, and we run this thing everywhere. Took a quick ride the other day about 5 miles out the road to help a neighbor with a flat tire.  #) minutes later, headed home, same 5 miles back.  Dropped the neighbor off, went to head home and the display is scrolling Limp Home Mode.  WTH?  Starts and idles, but no throttle.  Dealer says bring it in...   That is 207 miles one way...  Any ideas on what causes this?  Can it be rest without the dealer?  I get that it is to protect the machine, but limp HOME, should not leave you stranded.

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Thank you Mossy Oak!  Here is how this went.

I wanted the shop manual anyhow, so I bought it $24.50  Here is the link - https://brpmanuals.com/canam-defender-manual.htm  I bought the electronic version and it has lots of "extras". 

I found instructions for pulling the code in sub section 04 page 267.  It worked just as described, you really can flash low beam to high beam 3 times in 2 seconds!  code came up P0122 - A search online said it was Throttle Position Sensor Voltage Low and the manual had some instructions for checking it.  Found the location of the sensor on page 259 and went to see if the connection was loose.  It was not and the wiring looked fine.  Since all the wiring from front to back is protected by the frame and skid pan,  I went up front in the cab to check out the accelerator pedal itself.    Eureka!  The wiring connection into the pedal was not clipped on fully and when I pulled on it, it came loose.  I pushed the connection back together making sure the clip was fully engaged.  Started the machine and NO check Engine Light!!  Throttle worked.  I buckled up and went for a ride!!!  I am sure the clip loose was an anomaly, but what a horror. this would have left us stranded had it happened out on a trail ride.

Thanks again for the encouragement and a place to come for help.  I hope my fix might help another one day.


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From what I can gather so far we as owners can only pull active codes, not inactive codes - those have to be done at the dealer, I had a check engine light flash for half a second this winter and could not get a code, when I brought it to the dealer they plugged it in and pulled the code for me. On another note SilverPeakAdventure, does this electronic service manual have electrical wiring diagrams?

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