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Better Arm Rest for the Defender


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The factory arm rest configuration was of little use being hard and not much more than a bump for your elbow. So I took the two pins out and flip it. Simple. Now it's awesome with a large soft surface area for passenger and driver. Best part... I can put it back in 1 minute in the rare event I pick up a sketchy hitch hiker on a dark secluded trail.



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Randy Fugate on facebook has a pretty nice set of brackets that works well to raise it up as well.  I think they are $220 for the set.  he also has reclining driver seats for the driver side.


That might be handy for you, i like mine in my defender!





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Thanks for the information. I like the high position arm rest.  Now I just fold my sweatshirt and put it under it for additional height.  Either way, it's a hell of a lot better than CanAms version of an armrest. 

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