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2022 Defender HD10 XT


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Thought I would share my newest toy. 

Can Am flip-up glass, SuperATV poly back glass (dark tint), Tusk Uinta bead locks 14x7, BFG KM3’s 29x9-14, Cyron led’s (4). 

Color matched RuffTuff seat covers arrive this Friday and I’m looking pretty hard at a Baja Designs OnX6+ 10” light bar for the factory bumper. 

I had a 2019 HD10 and like this one much better! 





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Playing with some 3M 2080 matte Deep Black vinyl wrap. The Deep Black matches the matte body panels almost perfectly. Thought about wrapping across the hood just to see what it looks like. 




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The offset for these Uinta's is 14x7 4.0 x 3.0 where I think the factory wheels are 2.0 x 5.0. It's possible I'm wrong on the factory offset but when I looked at the wheels side by side, the factory wheels were much deeper towards the inside of the wheel. Here's a link that talks about factory offset. Be warned, these wheels do make your tires stick out farther than the factory which is why I wrapped the bottom portion of the fenders. I've considered the sport fender flares but I really don't want to screw into my paint panel. Instead I wanted to wrap the bottom paint for some protection until I sell the factory wheels and tires which will pay for my half doors I'm wanting.  


I will say this about the Tusk wheels, the beadlocks are time consuming to do it right but I like the ability to swap tires on my own if and when I need to. I put anti-seize on every bolt, per instructions, and that made torqueing the longest part of the process. I penciled the bolt numbers on each bolt after the first one to speed up the process because of the crisscross pattern.       

Also, I am on a buy American, or at least North America, kick so I was kinda surprised when I saw these were made in China. However, the quality of the wheels is great and I have extreme OCD when it comes to quality but I couldn't find a single blemish on the wheels. 


Kinda lengthy but hope this helps. 

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