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2020 Defender Max XT, a great access point to pass wires through the firewall bulkhead.

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Hello everyone. I searched the internet for days trying to find a pass through for wiring from the front end to the inside of the cab before I started installing my Turn signal and horn kit. I couldn’t find anything. Finally I just decided to start and see what I could do. I found one spot under the passenger side tunnel but it required too much wire and I was limited by the length of my wire harness. That’s when I found a spot on the front of the driver side firewall. Looks to be the access panel for the brake master cylinder and only has one push pin to keep it secured. I opened it up and I could see the wires under the switch panel in the dash and there was plenty of space to route wiring directly to the inside of the cab directly behind the switches.

There was a rubber grommet right next to the panel but it was way to tight to send in a wire with connector. Could probably use it for bare wires but the panel provided a larger access point and all I had to do was use a Dremel tool to notch out the edge of the panel to allow for a couple wire harnesses and still be able to close it. 

I just thought I would share this info just in case anyone else was having the same problems I did trying to find places to route the wiring from the front of the Defender to the inside of the cab.







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Good information man

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