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Defender hd10 dps vibration


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I just purchased a brand new defender hd 10.. It has a 1" spring spacer on the front and 30 inch itp kryptic tires.. If your going about 30-40 mph it gets a bad vibation at times and makes a slight grinding sound. My guess is the front driveshaft. Is this a issue anyone has had before? Thanks for the input

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I noticed a tire viberation around 30 mph but it seems to go away as you approach 40mph. I have greater problems with heat I guess from the radiator seeming to come out of the lower dash. Not bad in the Winter but Summer will soon be here and the cab may get unbearable. I also installed a rear window and it helped with the engine sound but it still to loud in the cab for me. Everybody seems to think that the Defender is one of the quietest Side-by-Sides around and if true then I would hate to be in one the competetion! Pass the Earplugs!

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