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Door height


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Can someone give me the measurement  from the bottom of the door to the ground on a 2021 2022 hd10 limited.Or has anyone had issues with door hitting the side of trailer while loading or unloading. My 2022 should be here this month and I am looking at trailers. Thanks 

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I’ve got a 2021 limited. Can’t give you measurements because I changed the springs on mine. Which is why I’m commenting, to recommend the springs. Within the first couple hundred miles my factory springs sagged A LOT. I got the replacement springs from S3. They’re not lift springs but it raised mine close to 6” on both ends. I do tend to end up hauling a bunch of stuff around with me in the bed but even when it wasn’t empty it had lost a lot of ground clearance. It does ride a little rougher now but it doesn’t drag on everything! I’ve got 1,450 miles on it now and haven’t had any issues. Oil change was a pain though.

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