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Radar Parking System


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I almost backed my Defender Pro into a tree last night turning around! I plan to add backup lights and sonar detector unit that beeps, like some cars have these days.

I've read about a few custom reverse lights projects, but they all needed to have a dash switch flicked on. I'd really like for the lights and the sonar system to turn on automatically when I switch into Reverse.

Has anyone figured out if there is a signal wire that can be used to fire the reverse lights?

Perhaps someone with a "backup alarm" made it switch on automatically when in reverse?

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Here is the back up beeper system (cheap - $16). I doubt that I'll wire-in that display component.

It requires holes to be drilled for the sensors but I might use a mini-bracket for each one in case the system fails. The sensors are watertight, but I'm not sure I will be able to keep that "hub" safe from the wet - maybe Tupperware(?).

YueYueZou Car Vehicle Radar Parking System with 4 Sensors, Buzzing Alert, LED Display

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I installed my radar parking beeper today. The system pictured above didn't come with a beeper, so I sent it back and got one that just had a beeper and no LED console (I just want the beeps).

I took a short video of the install but did not narrate, so I'll explain what the video shows...

First, notice that the sensors are being held in, for now, by pinching the wire with the reflector. They are not yet recessed as they will be (I want to test them out before drilling). I used 2 of the 4 sensors and think that is all that I will need.

Next, see that I stuck the controller to the top of the brake housing (should be out of weather and tire spray) using a strong stick pad that came with it.

You can see how I just bunched excess wire and tied it out of the way. I might shorten the wires later.

The power is scavenged from the taillight. I stripped about 1" of wire from the new power lines, unplugged the taillight connector and inserted the bare wires into the female ground and light holes (the casing identifies where these two are). Then I plugged the connector back in and the new wires are held in place by the inserted tines.

The beeper is loud, so I stuck it under the bed near the cab rather than bringing it into the cab.

Issue: It will beep even when I am not in reverse. For now, I will just need to turn off the beeper if I will be working behind the machine while it is running (there's an on/off switch on the beeper). I would like to trigger this when only in reverse, eventually.


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