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This thing is a beast


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I took my XMR out this weekend in the mud.  Just playing around, low gear, mud setting, everything locked and it just went.  Never felt like I was going to get stuck.

I wasn't going fast...just slow and easy.  In the hole filled with water/mud...out of the hole just as easy. 

Also took some tight trails, some 45° slopes.  I was afraid it would toppel over, bumper over bumper but it stuck like glue to the slope.  Again, low gear and foot completely off gas AND brake.  It just took it like I was on a flat surface.

Couldn't be more impressed.

I can't wait till summer comes when the mud and water are deep.  Unfortunately I know I'll be spending most of my time pulling my buddies out. At least I'll get to try the winch.



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Awesome, glad to hear it's performing well for ya! 

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Good to know! I haven't had mine in mud yet, but it has handled everything else that I have thrown at it with ease.

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