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audio formz roof leak



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i bought a 2020 defender with a audio formz roof on it and found out while driving it in the rain between the roof and the roll cage its like Niagara falls coming into the cab. so when i took the roof lose i realized that there is no gasket between the two.So i took a chunk of pink panther foam hoping i could smash it down enough to get a good seal but that didn't work. Does can am make a roof gasket or does anybody have a good solution to solve this problem? and no I'm not using spray foam. and yes it has a windshield in it also.

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Can Am will not have a gasket for a third party built audio roof. You could call/email Audio Formz and see what they have or recommend. Otherwise, you can look at getting rubber or foam rubber weather stripping from the hardware store or auto parts store.

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