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20210213_164312.thumb.jpg.ad5d150eb9ffe6a644b69b3f0c1eda24.jpg Just wanted to let the people interested in purchasing a HD5 know these little motor machines are awesome my 2019 HD5 has roughly 3000kms it's not under power at all when you are thinking about purchasing a HD5 you are not thinking about big power I pull my John Deere 1025 bucket tractor and vermeer full size wood chipper back & forth 20kms to our bush no problem I use this alot for hunting and I can't say enough about how awesome it works I also have a 7 foot plow for cleaning laneways for it the only thing they don't do is 65mph like the HD8 & HD10 mine does 50mph to 55mph no problem I just wanted to shine some light on what they are capable of doing for a cheaper price. 20211010_123617.thumb.jpg.a5f4ecbc457753ed3725a637328ca1be.jpgHere's a picture of my BEAST I have it full of goodies for the price of a bare HD10

Sorry this is my first post should of posted in purchasing section I guess I had seen to many post about how under power & waste of money a HD5 is I had to post about how awesome they really are and I run 30" tires on it when I'm not hunting moose up north🇨🇦

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Kudos to you for making your Defender very versatile!  I agree they're awesome machines.   

Welcome to the forum!


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