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2018 XMR 1000 CEL and Limp Home


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Newbie here. I searched this site and on google for info, not really concluding the threads  apply to my machine and its symptoms. Low mile(250) 2018 XMR, well maintained by me. Been sitting for two months, always on tender(original Yuasa) . Started up Friday, idled rough for a few seconds and eventually idled cleanly. Saturday, went to load onto trailer, CEL light comes on  with Limp Home in high gear, only CEL in low gear. Disconnected battery, reconnected, started and got it on trailer, lights and Limp back on. Saturday afternoon, after trailering, starts up, CEL lights on, Limp warning on. Turn off XMR to load up. Try to restart, clicking like battery dead. WTH?  I had read on this site as well as others that low voltage can cause the issues I am having. Load tested battery, says replace. Surprised, I have had Yuasa batteries on tenders last ten years. Buy new Interstate AGM powersport battery, throw it in, starts right up, thinking problem solved........but,  lights still on with limp home still flashing in high gear, not low gear. I have called dealer and they cant even look at it for weeks. I want to get code from display to see what is causing error message. Can someone explain how I can do that on my machine. I will eventually get a manual, just pressed for time . These next few months are when I really need this machine to work, and be reliable. Hopefully I can fix it before dropping at dealer. Thanks for any help! I plan on documenting all repairs here to help future newbs like myself. I should make mention that I changed out the stock XMR wheels and tires for larger wheels and tires, aftermarket. That should have nothing to do with the engine symptoms correct? 

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Bad gas! Siphoned 95% of the tank, put new fuel sock on pump. New plugs. Fresh gas, 91o. Started, let fuel pump build full pressure, and idle is solid. CEL gone. Will take it for a ride tomorrow, but think problem is solved. 

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