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New Defender max limited yesterday. 23 total miles. I’ve seen numerous complaints regarding the doors/drivetrain vibrations/rattling front window etc. I have very few miles on this machine but so far am extremely impressed.  Previous unit was a 2015 Commander, no comparison! Things to look for on test drive….. Sit in every seat, if u see daylight the dealer needs to move the striker in. Ask to check the coolant for the ac, low coolant from factory has been the factory problem. Next is the factory tires. Can am has recently switched from maxis bighorns to XP’s (Canam) tires. Not sure how these will wear but previous experience with the bighorns will be hard to beat for longevity. I have the new XP’s and will keep u up to date. Not a concern as I plan to move to radial when the factory tires wear. Last but not least is the Can am radio kit. Go to your local sound shop! You can have a Rockford Fosgate system installed for $300 less than having the dealer install and have a much better system.👍

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Welcome to the forum... Good luck with your new ride... I actually went with a SIRIUS XM stereo and built a custom mount which sits in my center console (2019) There are so many different routes to go... Which makes all our rigs just that much more personalized... 

Stay safe and HAVE FUN!!

Joe and Bear

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