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2018 defender dies once warmed up


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Last year while driving in the mountains my defender would die. It would always start again and go maybe 30 seconds, maybe 3-5 mins but wouldn’t stay running. We were at the end of our trip and took it home and it never happened again at home. But I only drive it maybe 10-30 mins at a time at home and never really work it hard. Fast forward to today and we took it to the mountains again, this time not as high of elevation and it is doing it again. Feels to me like a fuel issue because it is fine until it warms up and once it dies if I start it up it wants to die when I give it gas. Also can idle down hill just fine and won’t act up until I give it gas. Let it set and cool off for a while and it will go longer without dying. 

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Does it just cut off or does it sputter/hesitate/lack power and then die?

Check the fuel filter and the tank for vacuum or over pressure.

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