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Defender 6x6 tire size

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Does anyone know how much minimum space I need between the rear tires of a defender 6x6? The stock tires are 27 x 11 on 14 inch rims (maxis bighorns). They have 4.5 inches of space between them. As I understand it, 30 inchers will fit ok, that would leave 1.5 inches between the rear tires. Wondering if I could go to 31 inchers, that would leave only .5 of an inch between tires, is that enough with axle articulation? I'm just trying to get as much ground clearance as possible as we use the vehicle for prospecting and frequently find ourselves in very rocky creeks where more clearance is needed if I can get it. Thanks so much to anyone that can help!

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Not sure if you got an answer on this, I have seen 30” tires on a 6x6. Wondering if you had the measurements of the distance between the hubs? I am trying to figure out if the Outlander 6x6 tracks will fit on the Defender 6x6, would also be able to figure tire size with that spacing.

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