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30” System 3 XCR 350 2019 HD8 XT Cab

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Just took the tracks off the machine and swapped on tires for the summer. Ordered up these 30x9R14 System 3 XCR 350 on system 3 beadlocks. 

Machine is a 2019 stock suspension and a arms due to the track kit for winter.  No rubbing on the front or rear with pre load at softest setting. 1” spacer on the rear to compensate for going to same width tire all around the machine.




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On 6/23/2021 at 9:50 PM, ArcticMaxHD10 said:

Tires look great!  where did you order them from / get them from?  how was shipping

How do you find them the on rocks / mud / tundra? 

I ordered them from UTV Canada in Alberta. Shipping was not cheap as we are fly in only, but they were great and mounted them to reduce the volume of the shipment which saved a fair bit. 

Super happy with them on the rocks and tundra here. We don't have to much mud but what I have been in the tires clear out well. Not as good as a mud tire would, but for me it was about performance on rocks. The extra clearance makes a big difference for crawling. Great for the eastern arctic terrain! 

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On 6/30/2021 at 11:19 PM, TxnDefenderMoose said:

What offset are your wheels??? I’m looking at the same wheel for my 21 MAX wrapping them with 32” Carnivores 

These are +15mm offset all the way around. The rear has 1" NXT wheel spacers to make up the differences for the stock wider rears. 

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