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New to Can-Am with a 2021 Max XT HD10 !!


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Hey everyone - I am new to the Can-Am world.  I am convert from a Polaris (had a 2012 Ranger diesel crew purchased new).  Sold that and 'traded' up to a new 2021 Max XT HD10.  Just picked it up yesterday and will be able to take it out this weekend (in-laws have 2,000 acres I get to play on.) 

While I am not too crazy on modifications, etc. we definitely need some gun racks as it is always hunting season.  Don't know what to get: under seat, over head, stand-up, etc.  We had the stand up/vertical racks on our old ranger and loved them.  not too keen on losing the middle seat with under seat option and not sure about the easy removal of the overhead (though there is tons of room up there!!)

One thing for sure, I need a bigger trailer!




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Well let me say WELCOME!!! and GREAT TO HAVE YA AROUND!! There are MANY here with a WEALTH OF INFO/INPUT... Some of us have done extensive modifications while others have tried to stay stock ...  But from what I've seen, most anything that HAS GONE WRONG with these beasts, has been addressed here at some point!! Bear( my 2019  HD10 XT cab) has had a few bumps and bruises along the way. Which somehow, UMM.... WERE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY..... GO FIGURE!!!! But we have worked through most... now is a new front differential... "Buy a CanAm they said... It will be AWESOME they said...." 

But in REALITY...... I LOVE MY BEAR!!!!

"If you build them. THEY WILL BREAK!!"                                                              Me.......... 




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