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Defender signature lights

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I bought mine used from someone who had changed them to put in a turn signal kit. If you want new, here are the OEM lights https://can-am-shop.brp.com/off-road/us/en/715006896-led-signature-lights.html

There are also some aftermarket ones with white and amber combinations showing up on searches for Can-Am Defender Signature Lights

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I have a 2021 Defender and installed signature lights and have the same issue as ejl22boo, they will not turn on.  Has anyone figured this out?  Looking for advice.



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Has anyone come up with a fix? I have the stock wiring but did not have the lights when I got my 2020 defender max. Plugged the stock wiring harness into the signature light and turned the headlights on and still nothing.

Can anyone help??

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I had a bad connection on one of my stock canam driving light plugs. The driver side worked as advertised so I just cut the connector of the bad side and spliced the wires together directly and it worked like a champ!

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