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Did a bunch of work to my 21 Defender Limited!

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Hey guys, just wanted to share some pics of somethings I installed this past weekend. Everything was installed though the cab without drilling any new holes. It took a long time, and a bunch of cable management to pull it off. First we installed a set of rigid pods on the front bar, we than installed 2 six inch rigid light bars from the back. Next was the new Brandmotion camera system that they just released on the 1st of Jan. It is freaking awesome! Duel 1080P camera on a seven inch screen that I put where the rear view mirror should have went. Lastly we installed I stereo setup that I had pieced together myself. I wasn't about to pay 800 bucks for the BRP version. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!


IMG_0494_scrubbed (1).png





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On 1/17/2021 at 12:41 AM, Mirbigfella said:

How did you run wires on all of your work

Camera in the back went down the headache rack and to the rear of the bed, than ran from the rear to the front following the factory lines, going through the cab near the battery compartment. The front lights, I ran through the grill, and behind the headlights. there was a rubber grommet (That was a bitch to get back in) I removed it,and ran the wiring harness for the rigid lights though and to the back of the switch panel where I connected it to the bus. The monitor and the radio were connected to the bus bar behind the headliner.

Any other questions just ask!


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