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Wheel bearing greaser


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I think the boat trailer is a GREAT EXAMPLE!! Because most will pump them up via a bearing buddy, until the grease comes OOZING out... Another reason could be that many boat trailers have smaller wheels/tires than our rigs and follow behind at full speeds... adding to the wear and tear on them. I'm not downing those that tinker... Heck!! I'M ONE OF THEM!!! Just not on my wheel bearings... lol

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I seen these tools and a buddy uses it on he SxS, but the bearings come pre greased, yes it doesn't look like much but if you have too much it can harm the bearing as well.  Heat expansion will happen and if you fill the bearing grease will come out the seal as discussed in the video, but the minute that the seal pushes out grease also opens the seal to allow stuff in.  Also with the grease filling the bearing race it can cause more heat because the ball bearing inside will not move as freely. 


Mistake 2 – Over and under Lubrication

The second mistake we must avoid is adding too much, or not enough grease. Too much grease builds pressure, pushing the rolling elements through the fluid film and against the outer race. The bearing now has to work much harder to push the rolling elements through a mud bog of grease.

The increased friction and pressure from too much grease raises the temperature inside the bearing. Excess heat could decrease the effectiveness of the lubricant causing the oil to separate from the thickener. Not adding enough grease has the same life-shortening effect.

How do we know when just the right amount of grease has been added? By monitoring the friction level with ultrasound as new grease is applied – slowly, one shot at a time.

Listen to the bearing and measure the drop in friction as the grease flows in to the bearing. As the decibel level approaches a minimum value and stabilizes pay close attention. Add single shots. Should the decibel level begin to increase slightly, stop! The job is done.


taken from https://www.maintworld.com/Applications/The-Three-Mistakes-of-Bearing-Lubrication

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was thinking about greasing the bearings on my 2020 hd 10 defender. it has 7,000 miles on it. lots of information in this thread. Sounds like you have to take a bunch of stuff apart to even get started. Is there any videos on YouTube or somewhere else on what to do because I haven't found one yet? and is this the right greasing tool i need in this thread? Any advice would be awesome! Or does it even need greased?

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i did my x3 bearings when i first got it and at 2000 miles.  now have 5000 miles on it and havent done it since.  i am not sure that i will any more.  i am not planning to do my defender, so we will see what happens with that.  

its a couple hours worth of messing around to do them. not hard work but work none the less.


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