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Stock spring replacements

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Anyone know of a standard duty spring that doesn't sag out like the OEM stuff? 

Maybe it's better price/shock wise to just go with some zbros or Elkas and be done with it?

Was on some rough rocky trails today and the shocks on my XT just seemed to bottom and were rough.  6 months on them now and similar to my x3, these are starting to sag bad.  Going to turn them up a click on the cam adjusters but it's only a matter of time before they do it again.






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i am going to try that in the interim, ended up buying some S3 springs last night as well so hopefully they ship quickly for me.  At less than half price of the elkas and zbros stage 1s, i figured the S3 springs are worth the gamble.  a lot of people have good luck with them.


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the springs are better but still not great.  they are hd springs that are still pretty stiff imo.  at least they wont lose their length and start sagging...  

im not going to buy shocks for it this year (hopefully never have to).  i will see if these springs settle in and soften up a bit more still after they get some miles on them.  they only have about 50 miles on them now so there is plenty of time for them to wear in.  


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