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7 hours ago, Hammes357 said:

are you talking about the stock rims that came on it that should work or like what djla was talking about with buying different rims so the same tire would fit front and back? because like he said above I'd have to buy 2 different set of tires for the stock rims. I couldn't open that link so that's why I'm  asking so many questions before i pull the trigger on buying tires.

Personally I wouldn’t mount 30x10x14 tires on the stock rims, the front rims are narrower (for the stock 9” wide tire) and the rear rims are wider (for the stock 11” wide tire) being the 30’s are 10” wide there’s an inch difference in both front and rear rims. 
Not saying they won’t mount up to stock rims, I just wouldn’t do it, and in the shop we recommend against it. 

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I mounted 30x10x14 Cryptids on the front and 30x11x14 on the back on stock rims (the 10" are a bit taller than the 11" but no noticeable effect in 4x4 and the extra width helps in the soft and deep stuff).

The thread is on this forum go to the forums/can am defender garage/defender builds and 3rd from the bottom on page 1. There are other builds there with different types and sizes of tires that you may find helpful. Everyone has their own idea of what they want so no one choice is exactly the right one for you.

Depending on your intended use highway/rocks/muskeg you can choose the tire you want and can run much lower tire pressures in the sand/muskeg etc to help with ride etc.

I have posted my choice of clutch kit and the results, as well as reflashing the ECM for better response and power. 🙂

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