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Question about changing a tire in the back country...

Bad Daddy

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7 hours ago, dkdesign said:

Hey BD. That's genius! Have seen many items used for temp plug for a cut tire in back country, but never bacon.  I guess you have enlightened us all on a new required item for our tool kit - grill to cook bacon! - 
also if I am not mistaken, you can't mount a factory rear wheel on the front, but can mount factory front on the rear. A better spare would be a factory front. 

Really?  Or is it just because of rubbing?  If so, not too concerned.  Most of my buddies seem to wreck the rear, but it will be my luck that a front goes out next.


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Posted (edited)

I have not personally tried it, but I either read it or was told that somewhere....

I am sure it is with the deeper offset the rear rim has will limit turning when on the front. 
Will it work as temp fix??-probably... someone else may have better answer.
I choose to go the route of all tires and rims the same. I'm using stock rims after buying 2 new fronts to install on the rear on 30x10 tusks.  Originally I would have bought 30x11 for the rear, but wasn't able to get them in the Terrabites.  I like the look of the stock rims, and honestly the 9" wide front looks better with those 10" wide tires than the wider rear rims originally did before I swapped them.

 So if you want them, I have two rear new rims off a 22 limited max....

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Wrong rim size stated
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